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Cider Cellar Club

Cider Enthusiasts, rejoice! Here’s your chance to get your seasonal special releases before they sell out. Join our Cider Cellar Club and get access to special release bottles, and one dollar off all bottles purchased throughout the year.

As one of just 100 members, you can choose from four different membership tiers to stock your cellar exactly to your liking:



4 BOTTLES | $40



12 BOTTLES | $100



24 BOTTLES | $195



48 BOTTLES | $375

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Special Releases

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Logo for New Hampshire Heritage

A Blend of Heritage Apples

ABV: 6.7% • Gluten Free

Availability: Spring 2019
Release Date: April, 2019
Size: 750 mL Bottles
Ingredients: Fresh pressed apple juice

Logo for Sour Tart Cherry

Sour Cider with Tart Cherries

ABV: 6.7% • Gluten Free

Availability: Seasonal
Release Date: January, 2019
Size: 750 mL Bottles
Ingredients: Fresh pressed apple juice, tart cherry puree

Logo for Farmhouse Cider

Made with Fresh Pressed Apple Juice

ABV: 6.4% • Gluten Free

Availability: Seasonal
Release Date: May, 2018
Size: 750 mL Bottles
Ingredients: Fresh pressed apple juice

Logo for Cranberry Cyser

Apple-Honey Wine with Cranberries

ABV: 8.6% • Gluten Free

Rosy-orange in hue. Tart and fruity with notes of huckleberry, strawberry with a tart cranberry finish.

Release Date: February, 2018
Size: 750 mL Bottles

Logo for The Pippins

Michigan Newtown & Cox's Orange Pippin Apples

ABV: 5.9% • Gluten Free

Crafted from Cox’s Orange and Newtown Pippin apples from Michigan. Heterogeneous fermentation with Brettanomyces and native flora to produce an ultra-dry, robust cider with lively, lingering tannins.

Availability: Seasonal
Release Date: October, 2017
Size: 750 mL Bottles
Ingredients: Fresh pressed apple juice

Logo for Grapefruit Citra Hopped

Crafted with fresh pressed apple juice, fresh grapefruit and Citra hops.

ABV: 6.7% • Gluten Free

Fruity, tart, and floral without a trace of bitterness.

Release Date: July, 2017
Size: 750 mL Bottles

Logo for Colorado Heritage Blend

Made with a blend of local Dabinett and Winesap apples.

ABV: 7.2% • Gluten Free

Juicy, dry, clean, and light with a balanced acidity. Nice lingering soft tannins and a touch of grapefruit citrus without the bitterness. A quintessential hard apple cider.

Release Date: January, 2017
Size: 750 mL Bottles

Logo for Winesap

Single varietal made with Winesap apples.

ABV: 6.4% • Gluten Free

Heady, apple aromas with a sharp acid bite.

Release Date: November, 2015
Size: 750 mL bottles

Logo for Pommeau

Apple Dessert Wine aged in oak for 8 months.

ABV: 18% • Gluten Free

Full of cherry and fruit skin notes, with distinctive oakiness perfect for sipping slowly.


Release Date: December, 2015
Size: 375 mL bottles

Logo for Perry

Made with Colorado grown Heritage Pears.

ABV: 6.4% • Gluten Free

Lively and bright. A slight perceived sweetness from natural unfermentable sugars leaves a nice tannin profile on the palate.

Release Date: April, 2017
Size: 750 mL bottles

Logo for Whiskey Barrel-Aged Apricot

Fresh pressed apple juice barrel aged for 8 months.

ABV: 6.8% • Gluten Free

Dried apricot dipped in a smokey butterscotch oak.

Release Date: April, 2016
Size: 750 mL bottles

Logo for Blood Orange Cyser

Apple-honey wine with blood orange.

ABV: 10% • Gluten Free

Rosy in hue with light notes of honey and citrus zest on the nose. Acidity from the blood orange plays off the sweetness of the honey, allowing an off-dry yet refreshing beverage. Light apple tannins fill out the finish.

Release Date: July, 2016
Size: 750 mL bottles

Logo for Spiced Black Currant

Spiced with Saigon cassia cinnamon and juniper berries, aged in oak for one year.

ABV: 6.8% • Gluten Free

Cinnamon and cherries on the nose with rich apple undertones. Deep red hue with zippy acidity. Juniper berries leave a light piney character on the palate. A perfect winter warmer.

Release Date: October, 2016
Size: 750 mL bottles

Logo for Banjo

Bourbon barrel aged in collaboration with Laws Whiskey House

ABV: 6.9% • Gluten Free

Aged 10 months in fresh bourbon barrels from Laws Whiskey House. Opens with big oak, bourbon and boozy heat on the nose along with a hint of pepper. Vanilla bean and fig notes mingle with crisp apple, finishing with a soft butterscotch cream.

Release Date: May, 2017
Size: 500 mL Bottle


On the first Monday of every month in our RiNo taproom, we release a small batch experimental cider blend, known as "Firkin Monday". Some of these experiments turn out to be incredible, most are awesome, and some just don’t make the cut. Help us develop the best new blends by joining in on the tastings the first Monday of each month.

Green Tea: Smooth green tea flavor with a subtle apple finish.
Orange Chipotle: Super smoky with a quiet orange finish.
Peach Remedy: super juicy and bright.
Cubeb Juniper: Herbal with a minty zing. Wild & crazy times here in the taproom!
Toasted Coconut Raspberry: Super unique and tasty. Tastes like a raspberry Mounds bar!  
Coffee Berry: Complex coffee spice with a black tea finish.
Cranberry Mint: Berry, bright, tart and minty.
Raspberry Lime: tart, rosy, clean and bright.
Honey Chrysanthemum: Summery, light and full of life.
Orange Vanilla: Smooth, tart with the perfect balance of vanilla and orange peel.
Strawberry Basil: Gone in three hours. Long on the basil, light on the berry and incredibly refreshing.
Wild Cherry: Big cherry nose with a tannic apple bite.
White Chocolate Raspberry: Fruity with a dash of soft white cocoa.
Thai Basil Lemon
Rosebud: Crabby meets soft rose. It's a beautiful thing.
Raspberry Pueblo Chile: Fresh Pueblos meet Branch & Bramble for a spicy, fruity treat.
Pomegranate L'Acier: Lively and bursting with a delicious fresh apple zing.
Pineapple Remedy: Zippy, bright and crisp. The closest thing to beer we've ever made.
Palisade Peach Cider Slushie: Devoured in a few hours, this beloved recipe will make a triumphant return next season.
Orange Vanilla: Smooth orange peel gives way to a soft vanilla finish.
Mulled Malice: A complex spice blend from Savory Spice Shop delivers a cinnamon, allspice, clove and cardamom bang. It's like Christmas in a glass.
Mango Malice: Zesty and bright. A tropical delight.
Juniper Hibiscus: Fruity and mellow with a quiet juniper finish.
Hot Tamales!: Beautiful golden pink hue with a hint of cinnamon spice.
Hibiscus Ginger: Tart, light, big and fruity.
Grapefruit Remedy: Double the citrus, double the yum.
Blueberry Spice: Spiced Blueberry with Modern Gingham. Delicately spiced, bold, bright with a light blueberry finish.
Ancho Chili Ginger: Spicy ginger brings out a candy-like ancho flavor.
Orange Juniper
Mint Lime: Minty, zippy, fresh and bright.
Mezcal Peppercorn: Bold, complex, perfectly smokey and fruity.