every adventure has a story

This is ours.

Our story began with two friends who loved cider. But not just any cider. They loved genuinely well-crafted cider, and wanted more people to experience that. They poured their passion into creating pure, clean cider, but soon their boundaries blossomed. What happened next is history.

the world is your orchard

The core belief of Stem Ciders is a notion of “the world is your orchard.” We believe Stem exists to explore the world endlessly. We are restless, innovative and are always looking for the next great flavor. We know our consumers are cut from this same cloth. It’s almost as if we live in this imaginary orchard full of limitless possibilities where anything from the most common to the most exotic fruits grow wild, and it’s our mission to go out and harvest them. When you see the world is your orchard, you know anything is possible. You just have to dare to explore it.

our principles

good company

Colorado is in our roots, we support local ingredients and communities. We value friends and family, and our products are meant to be enjoyed in the lively company of others.

fearless innovation

We are experimenters and mad scientists. We fearlessly try new things, and always challenge ourselves to think outside the box. We believe our customers love to experiment, too.

real quality

We select our real ingredients carefully, using fresh-pressed juice and never any artificial flavors. We go the distance, because we know our customers appreciate real quality.

this is how real is done.

our founders

Meet Eric and Phil.

Both born and raised in Michigan, the duo met in Denver in 2011 and bonded over Michigan football and a common love of cider. Eric was already seasoned in the art of homebrewing, and Phil was armed with an engineering background. Inspired by their passion for cider, they bought a press, some apples, and began experimenting. Surprisingly, the first batch was amazing. But then they made it even better. In 2013, Eric and Phil founded Stem Ciders and produced the first batch, now known as Real Dry, in Eric’s garage.

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