Brewbound: Stem Ciders Expands Distribution to Illinois with Breakthru Beverage Partnership

“Illinois represents a tremendous opportunity for us to expand our distribution footprint outside of Colorado to another savvy market that’s thirsty for our style of clean, craft ciders,” said Matt Hoskins, Director of Sales at Stem Ciders. “With a partner like Breakthru, we think the sky is our only limit. We look forward to a long and healthy partnership in Illinois and beyond”.

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Breakthru Beverage: Stem Ciders Expands Distribution to Illinois with Breakthru Beverage Partnership

“Stem Ciders is going to be a welcome addition to the Illinois market,” said Breakthru Illinois VP of Sales, Jeff Roth. “Their dedication to producing the highest quality cider possible and innovative packaging sets a high bar in the category. We are very bullish on the future of craft cider and we feel Stem Ciders is going to be a major player in the category for a long time”.

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Cider Culture: Denver’s Stem Ciders Launches Off-Dry & Shifts Focus to Ingredients

“Stem’s head cidermaker Ian Capps talks about the challenge producing the cider without adding sugars: “Instead of fermenting to complete dryness and back sweetening with juice to reach the ideal off-dry qualities, we halt fermentation at the precise moment just before all the natural sugar in the juice is fermented. This process allows us to retain the integrity of the original apple.”

Ron Sansone, Cider Culture

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Drinking Cider: Stem Ciders Launches Off-Dry Series, Shifts Brand Focus to Ingredients First

“As we say, “The Measure of a good cider is in each of its parts. It starts with quality ingredients, and the fewer the ingredients, the closer we are to the apple”, said Courtney O’Rourke, Director of Marketing. “We wanted to bring the quality and integrity of our products to the forefront. If it’s real dry apple cider, then why not call it Real Dry Apple Cider? Keep it simple, keep it craft”…

Ron Sansone, Drinking Cider

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Thirst Colorado: Comparing Apples to Apples – Easier Said Than Done

“But have you met hard cider? We would love to introduce you to one of the fast- growing segments of the adult beverage industry. After consulting with our friends Xandy Bustamante and Brad Page from Colorado Cider Co., as well as Eric Foster, Courtney O’Rourke and Arline Kellogg from Stem Ciders, we have compiled nine must-knows that will get your taste buds itching for some delicious craft cider.” 

Dylan Hochstedler – Thirst Colorado

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The Denver Post: Watch out, craft beer: Cider is changing the beverage game in Colorado

“Maybe it’s the tangy fruit, maybe it’s the natural sweetness, maybe it’s the bubbles. It’s impossible to put love into words. Whatever it is, it’s what drinkers are looking for in a market soaked in beer”…

Francie Swidler – The Denver Post

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Rocky Mountain Brew Review: Cider Corner – Stem Ciders

“Stem is kicking ass at the Colorado cider scene, and you should get over there soon to get in on it. You won’t regret it.”

Emily Schosid – Rocky Mountain Brew Review

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Beverage Media Group: Cider Rules?

“A new law helps set cider apart from wine and beer. Are consumers on board?”…

Jim Clarke – Beverage Media Group

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GQ Magazine: These Are the Best Hard Ciders, Which are Cool Now

“Some rogue cidermakers just can’t quit beer. Their hopped ciders are the love children of IPAs and apple juice”

Lauren Larsen, GQ Magazine

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Food & Wine: Best Places to Drink Cider

“Started by two apple-loving Michigan expats, Stem Cider’s impressive range of naturally occurring bold flavors are the result hard work by its founders. “We strive to rejuvenate the cider tradition by creating high quality craft ciders without adding sugar, flavor or essence,” said co-founder Eric Foster. An alluring lineup of ambitious recipes that include ciders barrel-aged in both bourbon barrels and red zinfandel casks makes a visit to their Denver taproom well worth the trip.”

Joe Stanek – Food & Wine Magazine

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